Money and Law of Attraction

As frustrating, disheartening and saddening as it may be but we need money to fulfill our desires and strangely, we almost never seem to have enough of it.

The Universe brings to you whatever you give your attention to. That is how you are attracting all your Life Experiences - Good experiences And Bad Experiences. The Universal Law of Attraction is acting on each & every thing all the time. It is the point of your intention & attention that beckons Attraction. The stronger the intent the faster the manifestation.

Since money is such a huge factor in our lives, people tend to stress and worry more about it, especially when they feel like they do not have enough of it.

Life is and will always be reflected back to you by the thoughts that you consistently think. Remember that being worried about anything only emphasizes it more, puts more energy into, more consciousness into the 'problem',  only adds to your visualization of more of that. Trust yourself with your power, with clarity, with influence, with capacity, wisdom and intelligence. Allow this into your life as your are the ones who will effect change  

In order to understand where you are right now when you relate yourself to money, Ask yourself:

How do you really feel about money right now?

When you think about money, do you feel that you are in a good place?

Does your gut feel say that you will run into financial trouble or fall short of money?

Are you happy & grateful for the money that you have in your bank account or even in your wallet right now?

Do you worry as to where the next bit of money will come from?

Or do you believe that money is easy and you know that there is more to come, whenever you need it?

Do you feel jealous of rich people or do you admire them?

Your thoughts are your point of attention. Are you happy bout money or worried about it. Do you think more money is good or do you think money corrupts?

Whatever your dominant thoughts are, whatever your point of attention is, will manifest into your life. It is true with money too.

So what should you do to manifest more money - Direct the Law of Attraction to bring you more of it. This is how:

1. Think positively about money & finances
Feel good about the thought of having money. Appreciate money, don't curse it. You do want money to come to you after all.
2. Be mindful of the words you use
Use powerful good feeling words when you describe your experience related to money to yourself or to the world outside
3. Admire and praise successful people & their success
Appreciation puts you in  good feeling place. Praise people when they succeed. They have done something right.
4.Visualize what you want
Think bout how wonderful it would be If you would have the money you want, and hold the good thought.
5.Make it easy for money to flow
Understand, believe and accept that you can make money doing the things you love. It will only be a struggle If you want it to be  struggle. Let it low into your experience.
6.Change your habit to crib & complain
This drives money away from you. This hold you in  low feeling place. And you will never win like this.
7.Take inspired action to create true unending wealth
When you have and inspiration, take action. Those inspiration and powerful desires are signs by the universal source to put you on track of your abundance.

And all of this can be summarized in one simple process - Your Path of Natural Abundance. It is the universal path to manifest the life you want.  When You walk Your Path of Natural Abundance, opportunities present themselves and things really start to change and look up for you.

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Everything in Life revolves around us.
We can make everything happen!

Use The Law of Attraction to create the Life You Desire.