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The Universal Law of Attraction is affecting you right now, in every moment, whether you believe it or not. 
But if you do choose to accept its presence, then there is a way that you can make it work for you. And that is the best part.
 You can design your own life experiences using the Law of Attraction.

Your life is full of experiences. And these experiences are not by default, but by design. Your design. You have been attracting all
experiences, good and bad, into your life. But you would probably say,  'I never attracted that bad stuff, I never wanted it'. 
I believe you. You are not to blame. Because up until now you were manifesting or attracting these experiences on an auto-pilot mode.
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The power of attracting abundance lies in creating a real, tangible connection with the Universe that you can feel with all your senses.
Once this happens, you’ll be vibrating at a brand new level and will be attracting what you want and you will feel much easier
about everything than it does right NOW.

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