Excellence starts with Self

As you strive for excellence, success & happiness; sometimes there is a fear that the planning may go wrong. These desperate times call for desperate measures or better still, it calls for a Strategic Approach & Thinking.

A strategic approach for Personal & Professional success depends on two factors:
1. Your Motivational Drive... and your ability to maintain it
2. Your Time Management Skills.. and your ability to implement it

International Leadership Coach Akanksha helps leaders all around the world develop these and many more Leadership qualities. As a special initiative to empower students, Coach Akanksha has developed an exclusive power-packed personalized coaching excellence program just for students like you.

Remember - Success is a Mindset.

Who is it for?
This success program is best suited for students aiming for success in IIT JEE, AIIMS and other tough competitive exams

What do you get in the 'Planning for Success' Package?
As a part of this package you shall receive the following:
1. One exclusive Live 1-hour online Motivation Management Coaching Session with Coach Akanksha 
2. One exclusive Live 1-hour online Time Management Coaching Session with Coach Akanksha
3. Checklist for Time management
4. Worksheet for Motivation drive
5. Complimentary action planning material
6. 3 e-mail coaching mails with Coach Akanksha as continued support after the sessions

Come develop your mindset for success with International Leadership Coach Akanksha

Original Price: INR 12000

Special Student Price: INR 7500

Pay Easy & Safe

Come Reach your Dreams.

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International Client Reviews:

Coach Akanksha is Motivating, Good communication skills, Understanding, Practical. The possibility to see things from a different perspective. Being challenged to change the status quo. The confidence I build allowing helping me to change the status quo. So far I am really satisfied. I am happy of my choice and I can't think of anything that she should have done differently.
Mr. Belloni (Slovak Republic)

The idea of dealing with habits of overlooking tasks,procrastinating and leading you easily to become disciplined by allocating time for personal goals in between working hours has revived the sense of urgency for self development.That is one thing I found very effective since I used to skip all my personal works though I could have managed time for it and are equally important. The simple tip to invest a 30 mins slot on regular basis towards things one is passionate about, I think is a great strategy and quite practical whatsoever towards perfecting skills. Apart from the above assigning tasks and follow-ups have been a sort of handholding to stay focussed. This I think has been valuable all the while. 
Mr. Bal (India)

Coach, pl accept my sincere gratitude for the fruitful training sessions. I continue to use the insights from our sessions, and this concentration of thoughts and focus towards the aim , I owe to  training sessions conducted by you.
Col. Puri (Congo)

Coaching helped me focus on myself, my strenghs, my journey and know how much more I was capable of achieveing. Small changes have given me huge results.
Claire (Russia)

At the time when I first came across Life Coaching, I felt lost and was looking for direction. I was looking to discover the answers to help me find happiness in my own life. I coached with Life Coach Akanksha, and discovered so much about myself, my passion and really just reconnected with myself. Though our sessions together, I discovered not just what made me happy, but also how I could spread the joy. I would recommend Life Coaching to anyone who is seeking and searching for happiness in their life with their work, their relationships and with themselves really.
William Brnson (United Kingdom)

Thanks Coach for all your guidance. Your 3 month program really helped me gain some clarity and motivated me to get out of the daily rut. Its been so awesome to know you.
Abhay Singh (Dubai)

Akanksha, She is just amazing. She will help you analyze your current state, define your goals, devise your own action plan and see you till you reach the goal. I had never imagined I could have shifted my line of work, but with her support and action steps, I actually did it by myself.
Jessica (USA)

I got to know of Coach Akanksha through a common friend. He told me I could talk my problems out with her and she will definitely come up with some action plan for me, and thats what she did. She analyzed my current standing from the point of my career and relationships and help me overcome my own inhibitions. I formulated my action plan with her and she kept me on pace with my timelines. Thanks Akanksha for all the support and guidance.
Barry (Germany)

Coaching is by far the best thing that can happen to you. Here I found a friend who would guide me and keep me accountable as i solved my problems. Coach Akanksha was like a guiding spirit, who came and just turned the things around. I would recommend coaching to everyone who wants to put their success and happiness on Fast-track mode. Kudos Coach!
Lara Sood (India)

Akanksha is a great listener and a systematic planner. She helped me to gain clarity on my priorities in life and act on them accordingly. She is systematic and understanding. She has a skill to help people actually achieve that work-life balance.
Vishal (Australia)