On Demand Coaching

Do you feel that you deserve better things but are stuck in your Profession right now? Many people are held back by what they are doing professionally, and they know that they want to do something different to accelerate their Success. But they just stay in their hated situation for a long time none the less. Do you know your what you really want to do in your life - your end goal? Are you living your life doing something you don't really enjoy? Do you feel that you could have done better in your life and career with stronger decision-makings skills?

True as it is, the main reason for not leaving or changing the current situation is that you haven't actually figured out what is it that you really want to do? You feel that you probably don't have a Passion yet? Or that you don't feel overly passionate about anything? Or you may feel that you are not sure if you are motivated enough? or what could be your source of motivation & inspiration to do big things in life? You are not sure how to even reach your dreams!

I know what the problem is. The environment around you has started to make you feel that making adjustments with what you really want is really the way to go about it! You are not sure of your passion, so how can you be certain of the the next step. You think that your passion will bring you clarity and will get you all focused and prepped-up to do bigger better things in life. I know this because I have lived the corporate high-life and had been stuck in that 9-to-5 pattern. And I know what it takes to reclaim yourself and live your passion.

But here is the BIG truth. - Something I realized along the way and is an absolute game-changer. You won't learn or discover your ideal profession by sitting around and thinking about it! You are, in fact, not without passion or purpose in your life, even at this moment! You don't lack the skills to make it big in life. You, actually, have all that it takes to create a powerful meaningful life. You just haven't found that creative thing that you could pour your heart and soul into. You are probably waiting for it to come to you from external sources when it is really buried deep down inside you.
You haven't yet spent the time to look inwards at  what really lights you up. If you did, you wouldn't have trouble getting things done!

Nor would you have the time to complain about your situations and how the system fails to work for you every time. You would be highly focused, productive and gotten things done! You would be a force of nature getting things done in your own unique way.

As is true for all my clients, you are a self-critical, creative person who is easily bored with a 'regular' 9-to-5 job. Once you discover that your passion has been waiting around the corner for you to acknowledge it, all the earlier limiting excuses will become a thing of the past.

You would no longer be complaining about the long work hours because your work becomes a part of you and is driven by your passion. You become so focused that your work energizes you and motivates you!

Once you allow yourself to take targeted action to pursue your creative aspirations, whether its at your role at work, starting a new company, getting a new hobby, you just become crazy productive and are soon well on your path to creating a more meaningful and successful life.

When you use my expertise and services to bring you results, you not only discover your passion, but you also experience the feeling of being able to stand out of the crowd doing exactly what you love and become supercharged about going to work everyday and achieve magnificent results. You discover and learn to leverage your strong points at your interviews, presentations, work place, personal life & everywhere, and really start to live the big life.

On- Demand Coaching Services
Life coaching is a one-on-one, collaborative process in which a trained professional (the coach) helps you, the client, achieve your personal life goals. These goals maybe just about anything: more self confidence, weight loss, career change, better relationships, and many more. People from every possible age, background, and occupation get coaching, but they all have one thing in common: a desire to achieve something more in their personal or professional life. Whatever your goals, a professional coach gives you motivation, accountability and support, keeping you focused and taking action from week to week.

Our Signature Programs as Customized Coaching Solutions for You:
  Max Returns - Star Package (Exclusive to a chosen few) – Month on Month Basis  
This is a high investment, very High Returns package for a chosen few clients. This involves extensive high-duration session, and multiple personality tools, brainstorming, mind mapping and much much more. It is best suited for individuals who want to deep dive and are eager for some real meaningful change in their lives. It helps break the glass ceilings, the limiting feelings, the factors that stop us from growing and experiencing true happiness in all that we do.

"Design-it-Yourself" Package – 20 weeks
You can choose what you want to work on in every session - Rediscovering yourself, Goal Clarity, Time Management, Relationships, Hurdles & solutions, Uncover your passion, Reconnect with your true self, Road to Nirvana, or anything else under the sun. The coaching sessions are completely customized to your desires and you choose to set your own pace with your Coach.
Passion Premium Package – 20 weeks
Reconnect with yourself, Discover your passion ,Live your dream, and do all of these with ease and confidence. This exclusive package will help you rediscover yourself and reignite the spark of joy in Life. Here the coach will keep you accountable to your progress all through the 6 months. This is a revolutionary coaching relationship that can lead to big transformations in Life.
Rediscover Happiness– 16 weeks
Happiness is the reason we live. And through this coaching partnership you will understand and connect with all the elements that give you everlasting joy & happiness. You will ease out in life and learn to set the right expectations as you unravel a way to de-stress your life and enjoy every moment.
Revamp your career – 12 weeks
Its commonplace to feel a misfit in your career now a days. That’s because, as we awaken to listen to our subconscious, the desire to follow our dream grows and an unsettling urge leads to dissatisfaction with work. Be it an entrepreneurial dream or shift of career path, it requires courage, conviction, planning and action. In our signature program, we will collaborate to define clear goals, built action plans and time lines and be responsible to achieve those targets.
Stand up in a crowd – 12 weeks
At various times in our lives, there are certain situations that can shake up our confidence, maybe a fight, an accident, a comment or a downfall. In this signature program we will have all sessions focus to rebuild and enhance your confidence in a collaborative journey.
Achieve work life balance – 12 weeks
Work life balance is gaining more and more importance by each passing day, because life is not just about work. We need to balance it with other dimensions like friends, family, love, parties, yoga, spirituality, leisure, sport and lots more to truly live our life. In this signature program, we will collaborate to actually bring about this work-life balance in your life.
Time management and goal setting coaching – 12 weeks
Time is money and so we must spend it wisely. Why not spend each moment truly enjoying what e do in that moment. Let not family tensions affect work time, and let not work pressure affect your family life. There are endless such relations. Let us learn to manage our time and set SMART goals for ourselves to help us be happy each day. In our signature program, we collaborate to learn and practice the art of time management and goal setting.
Power Coaching – Single session
If a little direction is all you are searching for, then this can be your perfect strategy session. This is a super intense brainstorming session, where you can choose to address a single big issue in a single powerful connect. You would experience multiple emotions during this one session and uncover your ways to move forward. You will take charge and your success is dependent on your accountability to yourself alone. Power coaching is high intensity and can be most rewarding if you are a self-motivated individual who is looking for direction.
We customize programs to suit your progress and development in On-Demand Coaching.

Client Feedback:
At the time when I first came across Life Coaching, I felt lost and was looking for direction. I was looking to discover the answers to help me find happiness in my own life. I coached with Life Coach Akanksha, and discovered so much about myself, my passion and really just reconnected with myself. Though our sessions together, I discovered not just what made me happy, but also how I could spread the joy. I would recommend Life Coaching to anyone who is seeking and searching for happiness in their life with their work, their relationships and with themselves really.
William Brnson

Thanks Coach for all your guidance. Your 3 month program really helped me gain some clarity and motivated me to get out of the daily rut. Its been so awesome to know you.
Abhay Singh
Akanksha, She is just amazing. She will help you analyze your current state, define your goals, devise your own action plan and see you till you reach the goal. I had never imagined I could have shifted my line of work, but with her support and action steps, I actually did it by myself.
I got to know of Coach Akanksha through a common friend. He told me I could talk my problems out with her and she will definitely come up with some action plan for me, and thats what she did. She analyzed my current standing from the point of my career and relationships and help me overcome my own inhibitions. I formulated my action plan with her and she kept me on pace with my timelines. Thanks Akanksha for all the support and guidance.
Coaching is by far the best thing that can happen to you. Here I found a friend who would guide me and keep me accountable as i solved my problems. Coach Akanksha was like a guiding spirit, who came and just turned the things around. I would recommend coaching to everyone who wants to put their success and happiness on Fast-track mode. Kudos Coach!
Lara Sood
Akanksha is a great listener and a systematic planner. She helped me to gain clarity on my priorities in life and act on them accordingly. She is systematic and understanding. She has a skill to help people actually achieve that work-life balance.